Miniature Dachshunds


Miniature Dachshunds are adorable little dogs that never stop barking. They will bark at you till you leave the house. This type of dog is very adorable. If they know you, they will never let you go. When you go to sleep, they will lie on top of your head or maybe even next to your legs under the blankets. My grandparents have two of them and they will never leave her! Miniature dachshunds do not need to have that much exercise, but they do need a lot of attention! They will also eat pretty much everything that they see. Kind of like golden retrievers.

Here are some fun facts about Miniature Dachshunds! Did you know, they were originally bred to hunt. They would hunt badgers. The ancestors of this dog had much larger legs. A dachshund and the Great Dane have all the same body parts. The royal house in France use Dachshunds as their guard dogs. This dog is the most beloved dog for several hundred years. For more fun facts about Miniature Dachshunds, click here. For funny videos about Dachshunds, click here


Miniature Toy Poodles

They are adorable little dogs that are surprisingly hunting dogs. They love to bark and they love to cuddle. I personally do not like these dogs because they are very small. They come in many different colours like black yellow and white. My friend has one and they bark at everything. Even when her and her brother walk in the dour he barks at them. Their body structure is very lean and bony. They are actually hypoallergenic dogs. That means that they do not shed and people that are allergic of dogs can have them around.

Her are some fun facts about miniature toy poodles. They are unusually alert and sensitive to everything. They are a very cute and colorful bread. They don’t usually get sick but they do get a lot of boogers in their eyes. I do not know much more about them but there is a very good website that will tell you a lot about them, click here. Also, here is  a hilarious video of a toy poodle, click here.   




Shihpoos are a mix of dogs. They are half Shitzu half Poodle. They are small little black dogs that bark all day long. My friend has one and they are adorable. They love to play wit you. When you get them excited, watch out. They might pee on you. Once my mom was driving to school when we stopped at my friends house. Their dog escaped from their house and jump onto my mom’s lap in the car. The dog got so excited that we went to the bathroom on her clothes! Anyways, this dog is hypoallergenic and very easy to take care of. Shihpoos do not like going in the water. They love to put their paws in, but they are not Golden Retrievers that would jump in any water, anywhere!

Here are some things to know about Shihpoo’s. They don’t need that much energy, they bark a lot, they barely shed, they are not cat friendly and they are very intelligent dogs. If you are interested in buying a Shihpoo, this is a very good website about everything you need to know about them. If you would like to watch funny videos about them, click here!


Crazy Little Pugs

Pugs. They are small, crazy, energetic and funny dogs. If you are looking to buy a pug. They come in to different colours. Black and white. I know a few things about pugs. For example, they shed a lot. These dogs don’t need a lot of energy, otherwise they will go wild in your home. My grandfather has a pug named Peggy. She is quite the dog. She snores, makes very strange noises and she sheds a awful lot! She sheds so much my grandfathers black pants can sometimes become white. Pugs are also quite the coddlers. Watch out, when you go into bed, they will want to come and sleep right on you or definitely on your bed.

Here are some fun facts about pugs. When pugs start to relax, their tails unwind. Pugs are ver nervous dogs. Once they hear a noise, they will be scared. If you are getting a pug, you will always want to cary a lint brush with you because of all their hair. Lastly, they have very big eyes. So, if you stare into them, they will stare back and you could have a staring contest. It is very fun. For funny videos about pugs, click here and for more information about them, click here.

carlino pug

carlino pug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever (Photo credit: rkleine)


I love Golden Retrievers! They are fun, loving and playful dogs. This dog will at anything from shoes to strawberries. There a few different kinds of Golden’s like the Field Golden. I have one called Piper. She is very Golden! She is very different in size and colour than the regular Golden Retriever. She has a very lean body and her coat is a lot darker than other kinds.

Since I have a field Golden, I know everything about her. Here are the funny things about my dog. She love to lie down in the middle of the kitchen floor and get hit by accident when we walk by. My dad calls her the roadblock! When she lies down, she puts her head to the side and rests her nose on the floor. When she looks at us with her ears back, her head looks like a bicycle seat. Also, when I scratch her sometimes, she moves one of her legs and we call that the motor. Last but not least when she does something bad and we catch her, she lowers her head and looks very guilty. It’s hilarious! For more funy thing about Golden Retrievers click here. This is a website about Golden Retrievers.