Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever (Photo credit: rkleine)


I love Golden Retrievers! They are fun, loving and playful dogs. This dog will at anything from shoes to strawberries. There a few different kinds of Golden’s like the Field Golden. I have one called Piper. She is very Golden! She is very different in size and colour than the regular Golden Retriever. She has a very lean body and her coat is a lot darker than other kinds.

Since I have a field Golden, I know everything about her. Here are the funny things about my dog. She love to lie down in the middle of the kitchen floor and get hit by accident when we walk by. My dad calls her the roadblock! When she lies down, she puts her head to the side and rests her nose on the floor. When she looks at us with her ears back, her head looks like a bicycle seat. Also, when I scratch her sometimes, she moves one of her legs and we call that the motor. Last but not least when she does something bad and we catch her, she lowers her head and looks very guilty. It’s hilarious! For more funy thing about Golden Retrievers click here. This is a website about Golden Retrievers.


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