Crazy Little Pugs

Pugs. They are small, crazy, energetic and funny dogs. If you are looking to buy a pug. They come in to different colours. Black and white. I know a few things about pugs. For example, they shed a lot. These dogs don’t need a lot of energy, otherwise they will go wild in your home. My grandfather has a pug named Peggy. She is quite the dog. She snores, makes very strange noises and she sheds a awful lot! She sheds so much my grandfathers black pants can sometimes become white. Pugs are also quite the coddlers. Watch out, when you go into bed, they will want to come and sleep right on you or definitely on your bed.

Here are some fun facts about pugs. When pugs start to relax, their tails unwind. Pugs are ver nervous dogs. Once they hear a noise, they will be scared. If you are getting a pug, you will always want to cary a lint brush with you because of all their hair. Lastly, they have very big eyes. So, if you stare into them, they will stare back and you could have a staring contest. It is very fun. For funny videos about pugs, click here and for more information about them, click here.

carlino pug

carlino pug (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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