Shihpoos are a mix of dogs. They are half Shitzu half Poodle. They are small little black dogs that bark all day long. My friend has one and they are adorable. They love to play wit you. When you get them excited, watch out. They might pee on you. Once my mom was driving to school when we stopped at my friends house. Their dog escaped from their house and jump onto my mom’s lap in the car. The dog got so excited that we went to the bathroom on her clothes! Anyways, this dog is hypoallergenic and very easy to take care of. Shihpoos do not like going in the water. They love to put their paws in, but they are not Golden Retrievers that would jump in any water, anywhere!

Here are some things to know about Shihpoo’s. They don’t need that much energy, they bark a lot, they barely shed, they are not cat friendly and they are very intelligent dogs. If you are interested in buying a Shihpoo, this is a very good website about everything you need to know about them. If you would like to watch funny videos about them, click here!



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