Miniature Dachshunds


Miniature Dachshunds are adorable little dogs that never stop barking. They will bark at you till you leave the house. This type of dog is very adorable. If they know you, they will never let you go. When you go to sleep, they will lie on top of your head or maybe even next to your legs under the blankets. My grandparents have two of them and they will never leave her! Miniature dachshunds do not need to have that much exercise, but they do need a lot of attention! They will also eat pretty much everything that they see. Kind of like golden retrievers.

Here are some fun facts about Miniature Dachshunds! Did you know, they were originally bred to hunt. They would hunt badgers. The ancestors of this dog had much larger legs. A dachshund and the Great Dane have all the same body parts. The royal house in France use Dachshunds as their guard dogs. This dog is the most beloved dog for several hundred years. For more fun facts about Miniature Dachshunds, click here. For funny videos about Dachshunds, click here


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