Miniature Toy Poodles

They are adorable little dogs that are surprisingly hunting dogs. They love to bark and they love to cuddle. I personally do not like these dogs because they are very small. They come in many different colours like black yellow and white. My friend has one and they bark at everything. Even when her and her brother walk in the dour he barks at them. Their body structure is very lean and bony. They are actually hypoallergenic dogs. That means that they do not shed and people that are allergic of dogs can have them around.

Her are some fun facts about miniature toy poodles. They are unusually alert and sensitive to everything. They are a very cute and colorful bread. They don’t usually get sick but they do get a lot of boogers in their eyes. I do not know much more about them but there is a very good website that will tell you a lot about them, click here. Also, here is  a hilarious video of a toy poodle, click here.   




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